This is still the most beautiful dog photoset I’ve ever seen

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measnugas asked:
You love lovesick too?! Noh and Phun are so cute, but I like Noh and Earn a little bit more hehe

daamn I LOOOVE lovesick..! My Babes and I are even watching it right when it comes out even without the subs hahaha…!

You are the same opinion as Justin and yes I have to admit Earn and Noh are very sweet together and Earn is very nice to him..but im still for Team Noh&Phun :P

oh and thanks for the message^^


Sasuke and Naruto

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I like to hangout with people that make me forget to look at my phone



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These are so cute

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this is literally the most beautiful love story my god

i aspire to have this marriage

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